Cube —
  1. Rosie Deacon
  2. Aedan Lee
  3. Lilac City
  4. Nelson Earl
  5. Nicholas Eckhardt
  6. Bridget Stehli Curnow

The Cube —
  1. The Cube is a contemporary art platform for exhibiting experimental and resolved work at a range of artistic levels and career stages. This initiative is supported by a community of contributors including the City of Sydney and Oxford Art Factory. SIGNAL operates as the acting curators for this program taking place between 3rd April - 30th of December 2019.

Signal —


2. Aedan Lee

            Aedan Lee’s practice bridges painting, drawing and sculpture, using elements of abstraction in a refined colour palette. Working predominantly with repurposed industrial supplies such as meshes, tread plate and perforated steel, Lee renders geometric patterned surfaces onto his materials to create hybrid experimental forms which are greatly informed by the utilitarian aesthetics of public space. Seeking truth in the apparent bedlam of modernity, Lee’s works fracture, dissect and restructure the man-made environment to create a new observational lens. In this installation presented at The Cube, added kinetic elements such as a hanging rotary platform and laser lights bathe the forms in visual chaos culminating in a full-bodied confrontation with several visual phenomena begging the question, “Can there be order in chaos?”