Cube —
  1. Rosie Deacon
  2. Aedan Lee
  3. Lilac City
  4. Nelson Earl
  5. Nicholas Eckhardt
  6. Bridget Stehli Curnow

The Cube —
  1. The Cube is a contemporary art platform for exhibiting experimental and resolved work at a range of artistic levels and career stages. This initiative is supported by a community of contributors including the City of Sydney and Oxford Art Factory. SIGNAL operates as the acting curators for this program taking place between 3rd April - 30th of December 2019.

Signal —


3. Lilac City 

            The exhibition is by Lilac City team member Cameron Skelton. It is a series of figure sculptures which have been reduced to a basic skeleton made of pine wood and held together by knuckle nails. They stand, sit, lean, and embrace each other, headless and fleshless. Their gender is not allocated and neither is their identity. They mimic human existence as if to mock us. They are ourselves. Reducing us to our basic existence as physical structures in which we sit, stand, lean, and embrace each other.

            Lilac City is a Sydney based Artist Run Initiative established in 2015. Primarily, Lilac City has functioned as a platform for emerging Sydney based artists to exhibit & sell experimental works in a centrally located space without cost to the artist. Recently, Lilac City has moved from its 2 year Oxford street location to trial a new model of curating at various sites in Sydney and interstates, as well as incorporating international and interstate artists into the curatorial programme. Lilac City hopes that this new mobility will allow them to expand their audience as well as their own curatorial praxis with the challenge of exhibiting at different sites.