2019 By SIGNAL.

                The Cube is a contemporary live art platform for exhibiting experimental and progressive work. This initiative is supported by a community of contributors, City of Sydney and Oxford Art Factory. Taking place from 3 April - 30 December 2019 by SIGNAL.

|  In response to building a site-specific public program for The Cube space at the Oxford Arts Factory, we propose a balanced and diverse schedule of practitioners bridging across, installation, performance, photo media, sculpture, and painting. With consideration to the fact that Oxford Art Factory’s primary functions are being a live music venue and bar, the program offers curated art viewings that operate as a complimentary experience to these focuses. Our curatorial practice bases itself in the physical and the tangible, using it as a currency in contemporary practice to examine and exhibit artists who have shifted away from the foundational practices into working methods based in the 3D, multimedia and installation fields. With a focus on transitional forms, the decision making and evolution of ideas question the motives of such change and what is being sought at the intersection of artistic mediums. |

| As a space situated between two bars and two live music stages, these elements will have an unavoidable influence on the relationship between the viewers and the installations and so we have identified a number of key themes the program will orbit as to best compliment, enhance and intrigue. Inter-activity, kineticism, scale and visual presence will form the foundational criteria for our proposed ideas and artists.  | 

| The cube aims to create a participatory platform for artists to communicate and link audiences to creative ways of thinking, which actively involves and stimulates the urban community of Darlinghurst and Sydney. |

| The program seeks to offer a fully curated program of exhibitions, which showcases high quality, crossgenerational, interdisciplinary, culturally diverse, socially and critically-engaged art. |

| The program will ensure sustainability through forging collaborative partnerships with colleagues and local institutions and events that enable us to share information, networks and artistic content, which will reflect the interests of audiences. |

| To develop a publicly accessible platform and the creation of markets and careers through the openness of the program for the participation of artists, curators, writers and audiences. Platforms include media communication and advertising, online publishing, gallery display, and admission reviews. |

| The sharing Knowledge is a key objective for The Cube to ensure artists and curators to powerfully connect with their audiences, and to better inform their practice.