Cube —
  1. Rosie Deacon
  2. Aedan Lee
  3. Lilac City
  4. Nelson Earl
  5. Nicholas Eckhardt
  6. Bridget Stehli Curnow

The Cube —
  1. The Cube is a contemporary art platform for exhibiting experimental and resolved work at a range of artistic levels and career stages. This initiative is supported by a community of contributors including the City of Sydney and Oxford Art Factory. SIGNAL operates as the acting curators for this program taking place between 3rd April - 30th of December 2019.

Signal —


1. Rosie Deacon

            Rosie Deacon's immersive installations draw upon familiar shapes, textures and figurines blended together to create a surreal realm in which the viewer is invited to examine the intricacies and allusory forms. The psychedelic colour patterns of Deacon’s work is formulated by what seems to be an infinite process of layering and merging of different materials to produce a single final form. Biomorphic sculptural works of comical trees, wildlife and environmental details reference the flora and fauna of Deacon’s time growing up as a youth in rural New South Wales. With emphasis upon three-dimensionality and tactility, deep immersive environmental installations have been a prominent conduit for Deacon to channel her memories and experiences into these sensationalised forms for her audience to relish in.