6. Bridget Stehli Curnow

            Fundamentally interested in gender, spectatorship, objectification and the perforative aspects of human behaviour, Bridget Stehli Curnow’s practice involves the recontextualisation and subversion of the visual language of her source material. Concerned mainly with media sources of the 1970’s and 1980’s, the works address the kitsch and low-brow nature imbued into such ephemera to raise ideas about alternate perspectives to the heterosexual-male gaze. Paintings, sculpture and videos works come together in Bridget’s practice to reverse the conventional subject/object dichotomy by casting a powerful gaze upon male nude subjects. Created for the installation at the Cube, a new large scale tapestry accompanies digital works with the tactile effect of the shag-pile rug invoking a ‘touch’ response in viewers striking a discord against the ‘don’t touch’ implications of works within the gallery context. Exhibtion running 13th of November to 30 December. At the Cube, Oxford St Darlinghurst.